Ignision Server

Ignision Server is the core of Aqua Connect's Remote Desktop products. It is a versatile and extensive component of Aqua Connect's offerings. Ignision Server fulfills several roles traditionally compartmentalized into either separate products or separate components of a product suite. Ignision Server includes a powerful session broker that can deploy macOS desktops and applications from one or more servers. It can scale from a single server to a large pool of cooperative servers. Regardless of the size of an organization there is an Ignision Server offering and deployment strategy for it. Ignision Standard Edition is optimized for smaller businesses to some medium sized businesses. With Ingision Standard Edition, many of the complexities needed to run a robust server with the delivered feature set have been taken care of automatically. For organizations with complex deployments or complex deployment needs, Ignision Enterprise Edition is designed to provide access to many complex configuration options as well as being highly customizable.

Ignision Standard Edition and Ignision Enterprise Edition both include the same Ignision Server core and thus can deploy and deliver a macOS desktop with built-in features such as load balancing. Some features such as health monitoring, central management, network auditing, network logging, scripting and replication require a complex setup and configuration process which Ignision Enterprise Edition is designed to deliver. Almost all Ignision Standard Edition and Ignision Enterprise Edition features are optional and do not need to be configured or utilized allowing an organization to enable some, all or none of them at installation time. Ignision Standard Edition and Ignision Enterprise Edition features are included with the selected product bundle making the licensing, maintenance, cost and understanding of each product simpler then traditional server products.

Ignision Standard Edition and Ignision Enterprise Edition both utilize Aqua Connect’s Ion Protocol. The Ion Protocol is a specially designed accelerated protocol for delivering macOS, Windows and various other graphical system interfaces over a remote network link such as the Internet. Ion includes many features in the protocol such as load balancing, network fail over and network link quality detection.

With Ignision Standard Edition and Ignision Enterprise Edition providing the same Ignision Core, a simple chart providing a list of different features included in the product bundle is listed below. The Ignision Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Ignision Standard Edition while enabling the usage of several more complex features. Ignision Enterprise Edition is designed to interoperate with a large and more diverse network deployment. Ignision Enterprise Edition includes better integration into Directory Services such as LDAP and Active Directory while also allowing a more centralized administration of the system through a unified graphical tool and through command line driven tools. It also includes many server side scripting components thus allowing the product to be customized to an organization’s specific needs.

This product is protected by one or more Patents, including U.S. Patent No. 8,924,502 and RE46,386.

Standard or Enterprise - which version of Ignision Server do I need?

Auto Keyboard Mapping
Multiple Connections/Session Shadowing (Ion)
Network Account Authentication (Directory Services With Centrify)   
RDP 5 and Above Client Support
Remote Home Folders Support (NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP, WebDav)
Remote Home Folder Disk Images (Remote DMG)
RSA 4096 AES 512 CBC Encryption
Server Fingerprint (Server Authentication)
JSON Support
Custom SSL/TSL Certificate Support
Encryption On/Off
Server Lockdown Tools
HTML5 Client
Memory/CPU Use Optimization
Networking Printing
Display Quality Control (Ion)
Client-side Scripting
On-Console Mode (1:1 Remote Control Session)
Hide Console Mode (1:1 Remote Session With Console Locked)
Session Time Out/Disconnect
Load Balancing  
Geo-Location Detection (Geo-Load Balancing)  
Central Server Administration  
Advanced User Management For Directory Services Groups  

Features To Be Added in Future Versions

Audio Support (Including Microphone)
Local Printing (Ion)
Universal Printer Driver and Advanced Printing Management
Multiple Monitor Support With Variable Monitor Sizes
Local Disk Access
Custom Screen Resolutions
iOS Client (Ion)
Android Client (Ion)
TWAIN Support
AC Gateway (Ion)  
Server-side Scripting  
User Auditing  
Health Monitor  
Black/White List Applications  
Server Replication (Ignision State and Data, Not User or Application)  
RDP Failover  
RDP Load Balancing  



Built-in Load Balancing: Unlike with ACRDS where you had to buy a separate Load Balancer, the Ignision Enterprise Edition comes with it built in to the product. It is designed to look at all of the available servers and choose which is the least busy server, taking into account processor speeds and the amount of free memory available.

Better Integration with Active Directory: The built-in Load balancer depends on Active Directory to make sure that all of the security information for the servers are in sync.

Built-In Fault Tolerance: Ignision Enterprise Edition’s default behavior is to contain a copy of all of the other servers on the network. So if one server goes down, the others will still have the information. They always keep in sync.

Health Monitor: The Enterprise Edition has a built-in Health Monitor that keeps an eye on whether servers are offline or crashes have occurred. It can also be configured to send reports to a Diagnostic Tool for use with Technical Support.

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