Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless

Aqua Connect helps Verizon Wireless provide multi-platform customer service for their users without having to buy a new Mac machine for each technical support person in their organization

Verizon Wireless had a need for some of their employees to have access to Mac OS for support calls. By using Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, it allowed them to provide this access for employees in various locations and from different types of equipment. They started with a small pilot program to see how using a remote Mac session would help with support calls and expanded to the rest of the areas with capacity for up to 50 concurrent connections.

Verizon runs the Aqua Connect software on dedicated servers for this solution. The only software they installed on the machine other than ACRDS and the standard default Mac programs was their proprietary VZ Access Manager software. Client computers included a mixture of Windows machines running XP and thin clients connecting to Citrix servers.

ACRDS saved them time and money because they did not have to buy new machines for each employee and support individual Macs in multiple locations. They looked at using Mac Minis in those locations but it was not efficient for their employees to have to move their desks to use them. Aqua Connect provided them with a way to let their technical support teams use multiple protocols from the same machine. It allows them the ability to offer access to Mac OS to a larger number of employees for training and support calls than would otherwise be possible using stand alone Mac systems.

“Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services provided us with remote Mac OS sessions that saved us time and the cost of supporting multiple individual systems."