Aqua Connect Downloads

Download the latest Ion Protocol, Aqua Accelerated Protocol (AAP) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients here to guarantee the latest version compatibility. The clients are free to download.

Ion Protocol Client Downloads

Ion Client for Mac

Ion Client (Sierra-Mountain Lion)

Ion Client for Windows

Ion Client (Windows 10-Windows 7)

Aqua Accelerated Protocol Client Downloads

AAP Client for Mac

AAP Client 1.2b2 (Yosemite-Snow Leopard)
AAP Client 1.2 (Leopard)

AAP Client for Windows

AAP Client 1.25 (Windows 8-Windows XP)

Remote Desktop Protocol Client Downloads

RDP Clients for Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Mac App Store)

RDP Clients for Windows

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Microsoft Store or pre-loaded on your Windows machine)