Perpetual & Cost Saving Licensing

A purchased license key is perpetual, meaning that you do not need to repurchase the connections for your license key to continue to work. This maximizes the ROI for our customers over the course of their deployment.

Ignision Standard Edition - $199 per user. Our base product offering features network printing, support for RDP and Ion connections, and over 15 other features for macOS terminal services. The Standard Edition can be purchased using the shopping cart on this page.

Ignision Enterprise Edition - $249 per user. You will receive all of the features of the base product with additional features to allow you to customize your deployment. These features include customization of the login window, Ion client, session timeout, and a command line admin tool. To purchase the Enterprise Edition please contact us for a custom quote.

Per User Licensing

Ignision is licensed on a per user basis. For example, if your organization has unique 30 users that need access, you will need to purchase 30 connections. Licenses can be revoked for user accounts by administrators to allow a new user account the ability to connect to Ignision. To learn more about licensing please read this article.

Bulk & Educational Discounts

Qualifying educational and non-profit institutions can purchase Ignision Server for $99 per users. Please contact us for educational pricing and bulk discounts by filling out the forms found here.

These products are protected by one or more Patents, including U.S. Patent No. 8,924,502 and RE46,386.

Support Packages

Basic - included with all purchases

  • 30 days of installation support
  • Feature updates not included
  • Access to our online knowledge base
  • Software upgrades for a new macOS must be purchased separately


Standard - 20% billed annually

  • Software assurance that includes free upgrades to new OS versions
  • Feature updates included
  • Access to support portal with unlimited online requests
  • Access to our online knowledge base